Collaborate in physical spaces, remotely
Plan, visualize and guide works using 3D models of physical locations. No travel, no visit cost, no renders.
Learn how

It's a 3-step process

Using a mobile app to create a virtual model of a physical location that an expert can walk through in a web panel.

1. Scan

Our mobile app allows a person in the field to scan their environment creating a virtual model. It is saved to the cloud and available to export to popular 3D formats.

2. Plan

An expert walks through the virtual model in our dashboard, adds objects, instructions, and produce visuals. They can understand the environment and measure distances.

3. Preview

A person on-site can use the mobile app to see all the planned changes in their environment. The added objects and instructions appear in the right places.

Saving time and travel costs

No travel, no hotels, no carbon footprint.

Our mission

Przemek Blasiak
Vizonare Founder and CEO
I used to lead hardware installations for enterprise customers including on-site visits all around the world. However, during the pandemic, I had to coordinate this process remotely. It was challenging but allowed me to work with multiple customers at once, cut visit costs and travel time. At Vizonare, we want to make it easy with the right tools.

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